Local is the new global.

We believe that the local economy is the path to a sustainable and prosperous society. Our mission is to help local businesses flourish and thus help the local economy. We are not quick-wits, we have been dealing with solutions for local businesses for more than 6 years - we developed an online reservation system for restaurants, then our founders (Patrik and Jakub) worked together on the Storyous solution, later we launched an online marketing tool for local businesses, LocaHeroes (SmartFlames s.r.o. ) and based on hundreds of interviews and feedback from our customers, we gradually came up with the concept of Colocals. The flourishing globalism of the last 10 years (we import meat from Argentina, feed from Brazil, yogurt from France, we have a multinational financial system) is hitting its limits and no one is more enthusiastic about globalization than before. However, thanks to technologies (internet, 3D printing, blockchain) we can now produce and distribute most things locally. But it's not just about technology, it's mainly about people! The local economy is the way to a sustainable and prosperous future, even if the world remains global - connected.

We are a Czech-Slovak team with international experience, ready to change the world for the better :) We collect money primarily because we want to start crowdfunding campaigns in other cities as soon as possible. And since we are still without an investor and we finance everything with our own money - we are also proceeding slowly. And so we turn to you - our supporters and our community.

What will I use it for?

primarily for marketing crowdfunding campaigns for local businesses in other cities to expand our service and marketing team, because more people are needed for more campaigns

What do you get for it?

So if you want to support the creation of a Czech-Slovak startup with global potential, you have a unique opportunity :)